Lucinda Gifford

Growing up in the north of Scotland, Lucinda Gifford spent the long, dark winters reading and drawing in her room, to the sound of waves crashing over the sea wall. Some of the houses in her home town are built side-on to the sea. This is to stop the waves from crashing into the living room.

Due to her appreciation of sturdy buildings, Lucinda studied Architecture at Uni. However she quickly realised that she preferred drawing buildings, or just sitting and reading in them, to building them. Lucinda moved on to work in advertising and graphic design for several years, while developing her passion for writing and illustrating children’s books.

Lucinda now lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children and no cats. Despite being a self-appointed Photoshop Guru, she is equally happy creating her illustrations with ink, pencil, charcoal and gouache. At the time of writing, her favourite artistic implements are dip pen and inky toothbrush.

Space Alien at Planet Dad: ‘a wonderfully imaginative and entertaining story’—Jenny Heslop, Buzzwords Magazine.